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About DosiDate

DosiDate was conceived, developed and is owned and maintained by Grayson and Lisa Levy. That's right - one couple, and if you get engaged through this site, you should take a minute to let us know. To date, we know of 120 shidduchim made through DosiDate (see pictures and stories of couples).

DosiDate is designed as an easy-going, non-stressful matchmaking website especially for Orthodox Israelis. Here you can search for a partner who shares your religious and spiritual values, as well as your interests.

DosiDate respects your privacy. As a member, your contact information is never shown to anyone. All messaging between members is done through a blind messaging system. The choice of whether and when to exchange email addresses or phone numbers with another member is entirely yours. For more information on exactly how DosiDate works, see the Help/FAQ page.

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